The Acapulco Kid
Words and Music by
Graham Gouldman & Rick Fenn

(Originally intended to be included on the Bloody Tourists LP)

Guitar intro’

You say your Momma don’t know,
they sayin’ your Pa don’t care!
So you wear beads and bangles,
grow some facial hair.
You put on mirror glasses
and you bleach your jeans.
You go to all night parties
and those uptown scenes.

Where have you been?
In Acapulco where the grass is green.
What have you seen?

Guitar break

Your Momma brings you up,
You bring your Momma down.
You drive your Papa mad,
Your Papa drives you round.
You join the Socialist party,
fight the riot police.
You go to demonstrations
singing “Love and Peace”

What do you mean?
My mind is dirty but my hands are clean.
What have you seen?
Drug interest fantasies clouding my brain.

Hit it!

Guitar break

You say the system sucks,
you suck the system dry.
And you got all the answers,
never question why!
You think you’re so outrageous,
think you’re so damn cool.
But now the weekend’s over
and it’s back to school!

Guitar break