By Val Aldred and David Jarvis

Imagine the scene, a small mill town in Lancashire, UK with it’s own football team, Bury Football Club and a following of gritty passionate supporters. What do these have in common with Strawberry studios, a quirky record and 10cc? The answer lies with David Walker who runs the 'Navigation Inn' with wife Sue (Pictured Below) in Rochdale, Lancashire. We will discover how David and the players of Bury FC made a record at Strawberry Studios and then hear recollections of his day at this now famous venue. We at the Official 10cc Fan Club do not have 100% confirmation that the members of 10cc actually played on this track. In my experience of hearing 10cc backing tracks from this period, especially for football records and having the record here in my possession, I am in no doubt what so ever, that Mr Godley, Mr Creme, Mr Stewart and Mr Gouldman did indeed provide an instantly recognisable backing track. Whether or not the guys would actually own up to this fact is another matter.

Sue and DavidThe Pub'

I carried out this rather exclusive interview with David and his family on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 at their pub mentioned above. Also present was David’s sister Valerie (pictured below with David) and it was Valerie who adopted an admirable impression of Fiona Phillips in providing me with invaluable assistance to dig deep to recapture every detail of David’s time at Strawberry Studios. David came across to me as a very quiet mild mannered softly spoken man whilst in contrast to his wife Sue who portrays a lively outgoing personality, which is ideal in her role as landlady.

Val and DavidDavid's Mum, Edith

David began by recalling the build up to his trip with Bury FC to Strawberry Studios. “From what I can remember, my dad Brian used to take me to the match in 1972, and this one particular Saturday it was announced over the P A system that the club were looking for local school-children to take part in the making of a record for Bury FC. Those interested could contact Gordon Harrison who was the Development Association Manager. Once all names had been collected, rehearsals were co-ordinated between the choir and the senior players at Bury FC”. After quick refreshments David continued, “We arrived at Strawberry at about 18.30hrs from our little coach, and we were there for approximately 2 to 3 hours. I can remember we were all very nervous but excited at the same time because you must understand that we had never had the chance to witness a recording studio, never mind recording our voices there. Derek Hilton (who sadly passed away on the 11th July 2005) was the Musical Director for this song, whisked us into the reception area of the studios where we were greeted by a lovely looking secretary but I cannot remember her name. I can remember seeing Neil Sedaka who apologised profusely to us for running over time schedule”. David continued “we were ushered into the recording studio and I can remember seeing Kevin Godley’s drum kit in the corner with the sticks gently resting on a small stool and all the electric and bass guitars all around the studio and then the piano sitting proudly alone and I can remember thinking about Neil Sedaka and 10cc probably recording tracks for Neil’s comeback album (Solitaire). Derek Hilton together with the then recording engineer Pete Tattersall then played the backing track through ENORMOUS speakers and told us to listen carefully to it. It felt very strange because although we had been rehearsing the song previously, we had only ever had a keyboard backing our voices. Now we were hearing a professional sound coming through the speakers with drums and guitars and flutes. The adults were all impressed by what they were hearing and the kids were in total awe!

Derek and Pete were sat at the mixing desk whilst the kids were lined up in front of a row of microphones, which had been placed strategically on beams about 12foot across if my memory serves me right. No headphones. All the players stood behind us. I do recall that no members of 10cc were in the studio whilst we were recording, but the backing track had been completely finished. For the first take we just had a very basic run through to warm up our voices and dispel any nerves! For the second take we thought we had got it more or less right until Pete Tattersall’s voice came booming through the speakers, "There is somebody not singing, they are just speaking and it stands out like a sore thumb" Two kids nearby, sheepishly admitted it was them and they were removed from the recording session and took no further part.".
David then went onto explain that looking back, the whole outfit was very professional and slick right from the minute of arrival to the third take which was the one eventually used as the record.

Strawberry Studios in the 70'sPete Tattersall

Pete Tattersall relayed the finished track and everyone in the studio went completely quiet as we intently listened to our voices. Pete was satisfied with the results and told us that he would spend the next few days adding bits and pieces here and there and soon, the finished article would be available for distribution. We chattered non-stop all the way home. "WOW…was that really US"

The Bury Tones

The above photograph shows everybody who took part in the recording of this record. I am sat on the front row 3rd from the left and my mother Edith is sat on the 2nd row 1st on the right. The Bury players in the picture are John Murray, Martin Farnworthy, George Hamstead, David Embleton, Nero Olivero, Alan Tinsley, Keith Kennedy, Kevin Hancock, Hugh Tinney, David Holt, Derek Spence, Gordon Harrison and of course Derek Hilton who was the MD.

The Record

Here is the record in question on Loop Records “Up The Shakers” by The Bury Tones.

Roy and I would sincerely like to take this opportunity to thank David Walker for giving up his valuable time to recall his memories of what must have been a wonderful and momentous day. My warmest thanks also go to his Sister “Valerie” without whom I am convinced this article would not of been possible nor as in depth as it turned out to be…. (Thank you so much Val) To David’s wife Sue for making us feel so welcome and to David, Sue, Edith and Val for allowing us permission to display their images on the Official 10cc Fan Club Website, And finally our sincere thanks to David for giving 10cc fans around the world a little glimpse as to life inside one of the most famous recording studios in the World.


All is still and silent now upon the barrack square
All around deserted now, no sentries standing there
But a song will ever live and echo through the years
The story of the glory of those Lancashire Fusiliers

Who led the team to fame they will always pull them through
Away or at Gigg lane all these games we’ll ever treasure
We’ll never let them die to support the teams our pleasure
Our voices raising high

Aye, Aye, Aye up the Shakers
Those good old Bury shakers
The pride and joy of Bury town
We’ll travel anywhere to be
Any place where we can see
Those old great Bury FA Champions

Aye, Aye, Aye up the Shakers
Those good old give and takers
Good times are waiting round the bend
And if you listen you’ll hear the cheers
Then like the grand old Fusiliers
You’ll always come up winning in the end

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Last Verse

You’ll always come up winning in the end Up the Shakers
You will come up winning in the end

This song was played at Gigg Lane, Bury on the 9th August 2005 prior to the kick-off between Bury and Leyton Orient in memory of the late Derek Hilton. We at the 10cc Official Fan Club would also like to thank Gordon Sorfleet Press Officer at Bury FC.

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