By Steve Gibbs and Eric Leatherman
Record Mirror, September 17, 1977
PUT OUT the flags and sandpaper the pigmies, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme have finally produced an album - sorry, a rock musical - called 'Consequences'.
This is of course, the project that caused the rift which eventually led to the splitting up of 10cc leaving Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart to carry on the name.

But with 'Consequences', it seems Godley and Creme provided the bite that's now missing from the present 10cc.

Our copy is, admittedly, one that contains only the highlights of the album - a promotional device. But from that the quality is obvious.

The musicianship is superb, the production crystal clear and the whole thing musically excellent. If you're a 10cc lover it might repulse you because the contents are very heavy compared with any past 10cc product. Still, Godley and Creme manage to be aggressive and tranquil simultaneously, something the present 10cc are unable to emulate.

The album seems preoccupied with death and in parts gets very weird indeed. Playlets link the various sections of music and some of the dialogue is rather bizarre. Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore play strange characters that represent the man in the street. Even Sarah Vaughn makes an appearance.

The gizmo is a mechanical device invented by Godley and Creme which clamps to the bridge of a guitar and mechanically bows and vibrates the strings of the instrument. It creates the odd feel of the album which in parts is reminiscent of the ethereal sound effects in 'I'm Not In Love'.

At other times it's actually frightening - on one track vocals are dehumanised to represent death sweeping through a door.

In the true Godley / Creme tradition vocal harmonies play a part in 'Consequences'. But there are only a few occasions when the '10cc sound' breaks through, creating a cross between 'South Pacific' and 'The Original Soundtrack'.

The triple album has a theme based around the number 17 - and to stress that it will be launched in Europe at a reception in a 17th century Amsterdam church at 17 minutes and 17 seconds past 1700 hours on September 17.

A 20-page booklet is included in the set and the whole thing will be promoted in cinemas up and down the country, shown with film compatible with the audience the record company hops to attract - late teens to early 20s.

The complete album will be available some time next month, retailing at 11 - so see about a mortgage now.

Transcribed by Nicole Molenaar

Article previously published as The Continuing Story supplement

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