…that the “Hello” at the start of “Don’t Hang Up” on the How Dare You album was voiced by Kevin Godley’s wife Susan

…that the “How dare you” at the start of “How Dare You” on the album of that name was voiced by Lol Creme

…that Eric plays the “Levi Zip” on “Iceberg” on the above mentioned album

...that "Strawberry Studios" lives on in Stockport. The present owners of the building decided it would be a nice tribute by keeping the name going.

...that 'Ocho Rios' means 'Waterfall'

...that Andrew Gold now has a DVD version of his VHS of WAX & Andrew Gold video collection. It is available over at his own store site :

...that Lisa Stansfield has a new CD out September 27th called "The Moment". There are 11 songs on the CD, three of which feature Lol Creme. "TREAT ME LIKE A WOMAN" has Lol on guitars, "WHEN LOVE BREAKS DOWN" features Lol on the clavinet and the track "SAY IT TO ME NOW" sees him back on the electric guitar. The album was produced by Trevor Horn.

Yiannis Kotsiras has a CD single out worldwide early May called "Pass The Flame" which is composed by Lol Creme and Trevor Horn. It was recorded at SARM West Studios in London. Track 1 is in English, track 2 is the same song but written in Greek, and track 3 is an instrumental. It's out on EMI. This is the official Olympic Torch Relay theme for Athens 2004


Eric confirms Dave's suspicions about this photo...
"It is the console I designed and Helios (Dick Sweatenham) built it for Strawberry north, I think it was the first wrap-around desk in the UK. It looks pretty much as it did, with a few small mod's here and there. We recorded "The Original Soundtrack" and "How Dare you" on this console.

The most embarrassing experience we ever had happened in a town called Blackburn near Manchester says Eric Stewart. We were supposed to do a public appearance at a store. They dressed us all up in pink shirts and coloured leather clothes and they put us in great big cars with big signs that said "Look Who's Here, The Mindbenders'. But we got to the store an hour late. Everybody thought we weren't coming and had all gone home. So there we were leading this big procession down the main street and there wasn't a soul there to meet us! it was terribly embarrassing recalls Eric blushing at the recollection. And all we got said Rick "was a free pair of maracas and a record of Onward Christian Soldiers".

Inspiration for songs can come at the most unexpected time and in the strangest of places as Eric and Graham of 10cc found out. "I will never forget one day in particular" says Graham. "We were striding along the walkway towards an aeroplane which was due to take us to Amsterdam and the suddenly Eric started sneezing, but it was not just an achoo it was achoo-choo" he laughed "He just couldn't stop and he set up this incredible rhythm of achoo-choo, achoo-choo. I couldn't help joining in too. but I wasn't sneezing, just singing. A bit later on when Eric had stopped sneezing we put some words to the rhythm and came up with YOU'VE GOT A COLD, and guess what, we put it on our new album DECEPTIVE BENDS"

*Mike McGear’s Solo Album "McGear" is credited as having The Gysmo Orchestra playing on two tracks... "The Man Who Found God On The Moon" and "Giving Grease A Ride". The Gysmo Orchestra was Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.

*For Paul McCartney’s album "Press To Play", "Stranglehold" was the first number that Paul and Eric wrote together. Recording began at Paul's Hog Hill Mill studio in April 1985 with Paul, Eric and drummer Jerry Marotta.

*The filming of the video of "Take It Away" from the "Tug Of War" album featured Eric on lead guitar. In between takes, Paul and company played several numbers to entertain the audience including "Lucille / Peggy Sue / Send Me Some Lovin’ / Twenty Flight Rock / Cut Across Shorty / Reeling And Rocking / I Love Her So". Some six hundred fans who were members of the "Wings" fan club were invited along to be the live audience for the filming which took place on Wednesday June 23rd 1982.

*Paul McCartney was born on 18th June 1942 at Walton Hospital, Liverpool which coincidentally was where David Jarvis was born 18 years later.

*"The Cooler" was an intriguing film directed by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme and it was originally made as a promo video for "Private Property" from Ringo’s solo album "Stop And Smell The Roses". "The Cooler' was the official British entry in the short film category at the Cannes Film Festival on 24 May 1982.

*Eric is credited as backing musician on Paul McCartney’s single "Spies Like Us" (recorded for the Dan Aykroyd & Chevy Chase movie of the same name).

*"Yvonne’s The One" was originally a demo disc with the working title of "So Long Yvonne" recorded in February 1985.

The above marked thus * have been taken from "The Paul McCartney Encyclopaedia" by Bill Harry

On her solo album "MY CONFESSION", Jamie Benson (formerley of Hepburn) features a Graham Gouldman co-written composition “When The Sun Hits The Sky”.

Italian singer Renato Zero’s solo album called “CATTURA” features another Graham Gouldman co-written composition “L'Altra Sponda”.