Over on Andrew Gold's website (www.andrewgold.com) there have been quite a few messages regarding a song performed by Stephen Bishop. Our intrepid reporter Dave "Scoop" Jarvis asked Andrew some questions. These are the replies (and the questions!!!)

1) Re-Stephen Bishop track "Fiddlers Green" was this co-composed by yourself and Graham Gouldman?
AG) It was. Then Bish wrote a slightly different chorus melody and wrote all the lyrics.

2) Would you consider ever recording this track for maybe a future new "Wax" project album?
AG) Absolutely.

3) Re-Your forthcoming "Covers" album and the included Wax tracks. Are they the Wax versions or have you reworked them in any way?
AG) They are copies of the originals, mostly.

4) Are you still regularly in contact with Graham and are you still writing together?
AG Yes, and yes....but not recently.

5) Do you think there will ever be a new "Wax" album?
AG) I think so.

So... watch this space for any future developments