By John Crosby

I'm Gonna Take You There

This issue the spotlights falls on Dave Berry, the original man in black.

Berry had many hits but we are only concerned with two. The first was written by Graham Gouldman (or "G. Gould" if you have a Dutch copy), entitled "I'm Gonna Take You There". The flip side is a song called "Just Don't Know". The release date on the demonstration sample is dated as 15-10-65 and it is on the Decca label. Dutch copies of this record comes with a lovely picture sleeve as illustrated over.

I'm Gonna Take You There
The second record featured here is written by the other half of 10cc: Kevin Godley and Lol Creme and it is from a later date in 1970.

Chaplin House

We are so used to picking up records with Graham's name on them that it's nice to be able to pick up a Godley/Creme composition. One that was produced at Strawberry Studios as well. It would be nice to find out if these two songs were written especially for him in some dark and mysterious way.........

Chaplin House


  • 7" P/S Dutch Decca F12258
  • 7" Decca Chaplin House/Trees

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