Not a lot of people know this!!!

These facts were obtained from 10cc themselves in 1979 when they filled out a questionnaire for the then fan club "Worst Band In The World".
  • THAT! Stuart Tosh is a Liverpool fan
  • THAT! Stuart Tosh's middle name is McBeath
  • THAT! Stuart Tosh's favourite drink is BEER!!
  • THAT! Stuart Tosh's hobbie is golf
  • THAT! Rick Fenn's hobby include squash and cooking!!!!!!
  • THAT! Rick Fenn has one brother named Simon
  • THAT! Paul Burgess has no interest in football what so ever!!!
  • THAT! Paul's favourite drink is Bacardi
  • THAT! Graham Gouldman's favourite colour is blue
  • THAT! Graham's favourite football team is Manchester United!!!!
  • THAT! Graham's favourite drink is champagne!!!
  • THAT! Eric Stewart has four sisters: "Carol, Jean, Sharon and Gillian"
  • THAT! Eric's hobbies include motor racing, building and restoring cars!
  • THAT! Eric's favourite football team is Manchester United


Also, did you know that Eric's solo album Frooty Rooties was originally going to be called:

"Roots Are Showing"

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