By David Jarvis


Three Rare Singles By Hotlegs

Israel: Neanderthal Man

This excellent cover is from Israel and it is very rare. It belongs to Evyatar Reiter who lives and works in Israel and he very kindly sent this cover to "10cc Matters" for inclusion in this feature on rare and interesting foreign sleeve singles. In this case it is actually a title track sleeve but never the less it is still very interesting.

Neanderthal Man 7"


Desperate Dan 7"

Germany: Desperate Dan

This excellent and very rare picture sleeve of Hotlegs was released in Germany in 1971, whilst in America "How Many Times" was released with "Run Baby Run" and in the UK "Lady Sadie" was released with "The Loser" as the flip side.


Lady Sadie

Lady Sadie / The Loser was, as we have already stated, released in the UK but it was also released in Germany in this brilliant picture sleeve with Kevin Godley sporting a very fashion conscious white coat together with white fur collar and cuffs.

Lady Sadie 7"

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