Concert of '74 on TV

Recently, we were treated to a broadcast of an "unknown" concert by 10cc, recorded in 1974. It was shown on UK Arena, which could fortunately be taped by John Crosby's sister. The concert is (too!) short but superb! So far, everybody we have spoken to, had not heard of this concert before. Even the fans who have followed 10cc since the 60s and early 70s, cannot remember ever seeing this on television. 74 Concert
Paul Burgess & Kevin Godley The tracks that were played:
  • Silly Love
  • Wall Street Shuffle
  • Old Wild Men
  • Fresh Air For My Mama
  • Rubber Bullets.

It also features Paul Burgess on drums and Lol can be seen playing the gizmo! What a hidden treasure! Have a look at some of the photos we took!

Lol Creme

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