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Neil Sedaka records The Tra La Days Are Over - his second album at Strawberry Studio which features all members of 10cc.

Neil Sedaka in the studio with 10cc
Mar 2

Zakatek releases Gotcha Now/So Good To You which was recorded down at Strawberry Studios with Eric Stewart credited on the 'A' side as Audio International Engineer with Peter Coleman whilst on the 'B' side Eric Stewart is credited solely as Engineer.


Mar 31

10cc release Rubber Bullets c/w Waterfall which gives the band its first number one hit single even though the record was banned from airplay by the BBC.

May 31

Grumble (a group formed by the late Peter Cowap - ex Herman's Hermits and occasional writing partner of Graham Gouldman) release Da Do Ron Ron c/w Pig Bin An Gone produced by 10cc at Strawberry. As well as participating on the track, they also composed the 'B' side.


10cc release their debut album to critical acclaim simply entitled 10cc which peaks in the charts at #36.

Lol Creme releases his only known UK solo single which was an instrumental titled Naughty Nola c/w Bumbler. This is an interesting single due to the fact that the 'A' side was composed by (Lawrence) whilst the 'B' side was composed by (Lawrence - Creme).

On the same day Rubber Duckie release their one and only record on Solid Gold Records titled A Teenager in Love c/w Lark; both tracks are in fact 10cc under an alias with the 'B' side being composed by all four members of the band.

July 6

10cc release their fourth single "The Dean And I" c/w "Bee In My Bonnet" which peaks in the charts at #10 in September of 1973.


Aug 25

10cc make their stage debut at the Douglas Palace Lido, Isle of Man, at the start of a UK tour.

Wayne Fontana releases "Together" c/w "One Man Woman" with the 'A' side being composed by Graham Gouldman whilst the 'B' side was produced by Wayne Fontana and Eric Stewart. Both tracks are credited to a Strawberry Production.

Aug 26
Rubber Bullets is the group's US chart debut, peaking at #73. 10cc release their follow up single in the United States: Headline Hustler c/w Speed Kills which fails to chart.

Suzette St. Claire releases Mama Banana which was a Strawberry Production composed by Godley/Gouldman/Creme/Claire. This record was released by Red Bus Records and to this day it remains one of the hardest 10cc related tracks to track down.

Aug 26

Friday Brown releases "A Groovy Kind Of Love" c/w "Salford" which was recorded at Strawberry Studios and is credited as a Strawberry Studios Production.

Shirley Bassey releases her new album "Never, Never, Never" which features her version of Graham Gouldman's song "Together".

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