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Radio 2 Broadcast

24/07/99 was the date the BBC decided to devote one whole hour to the story of one of the all time greats: 10cc. It was to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 at 19.00hrs by a well known UK personality, namely one Rula Lenska who used to be married to Arthur Daley's sidekick "Dennis Waterman." She was also in Rock Follies, a UK Musical/Drama programme broadcast in the mid seventies.

Every die hard UK 10cc fan tuned in to hopefully be treated to another instalment of the previously broadcasted "Continuing Story" by Justin Hayward. But alas, it failed to materialise. No disrespect to the attractive Rula, the tracks she decided to play were fine, but they were taken from vinyl and every click track was very audible on excellent BBC Stereo which was somewhat disappointing in this day and age of CD technology.

The contributions from the original members of the band that the show advertised were excellent because I personally had not heard them before and I dare say not many 10cc fans had heard them either. But it would have been nice for a more up to date contribution from the original members considering that Lol is now back in the frame on the "Art of Noise" bandwagon.

To conclude this hour of the 10cc Story, we were treated to a favourite 10cc track of an old friend of yours and mine, namely Mr Phil Loftus who chose "The Worst Band In The World" as his all time favourite 10cc track.

This article is by no means a criticism of the show, only a mere observation that the show could have been produced in a more up to date fashion. This show was definitely not a continuing story of 10cc, merely a brief glance of a fabulous creative and talented band of musicians.

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