By John Crosby


"Seeing Things Green"

This issue the spotlights falls on The Yellow Bellow Room Boom. "Who?" you might ask?
Only a name like that could come from the one and only Godley/Creme. What a wonderful sounding sixties name. It conjures up a colourful scene from the flower power era.
"Seeing Things Green" is the A-side which floats you off into some far forgotten place. "Easy Life" is the B-side and it is more laid back, if you can get more laid back than Godley/Creme.
Both sides were written by the dynamic duo in 1967.

"Naughty Lol"
Once again if you were to go to your local record shop of yester year and flick through the latest single releases, would your fingers stop on a record by the name of 'Lol', entitled "Naughty Nola" and written by a man called 'Lawrence'? I think not, maybe the only give-away would be if you turned over to the flip side to see 'Bumbler' written by Lawrence Creme. Both discs are quite rare and valued at around 20.

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