By Dani van Dooren
For more than 25 years I had a dream, namely meeting 10cc. So I was very excited when I was told about the concert in Birmingham. Unfortunately I couldn't make it with the other 10cc friends. The only day I could go was Monday, 10th of May, on Graham Gouldman's birthday.
Here is my story:
When I set foot on English soil I was so happy, just a few days to go and I was going to see 10cc. Finally the big day arrived, together with Chris (another die-hard fan) we arrived at seven o'clock at Ronnie Scott's. We were so early because we wanted the best table.
When we entered the club I couldn't believe my eyes. There they were: Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Stuart Tosh sitting at a table having dinner. My husband told me: "It's now or never," so I went up to them (visibly shaking) and I gave Graham a birthday card and wished him a happy birthday. He smiled at me, thanked me and shook my hand and Chris'. Back to my seat, still in a state of shock, my husband tried to calm me down. Later on they came on stage. I was in seventh heaven. Graham was looking so good, singing with a brilliant voice all my favourite 10cc songs and some songs from the sixties. I also liked Mick Wilson's "Change The World." Of course all the others of the band were great too.

We were a bit sad when the concert was over but suddenly Chris and I saw Rick Fenn and asked him for a photo. I took a photo of Rick Fenn and Chris as you can see. Now we were really over the moon. No words can describe what we felt that night. The evening was ending and left us with such a happy feeling.

Thank you Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Stuart Tosh, Mick Wilson, Simon Carter: you made my dream come true.

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