By David Jarvis
New release by The Art Of Noise

This 13 Track CD is in my opinion well worth a listen to because after the first time, it sounds very strange and nothing like you would expect from the Art of Noise. They are normally associated with somewhat more catchy tunes, if you remember "Peter Gunn" for instance and also "Max Headroom," so Claude Debussy takes quite a bit of getting used too. But with the inclusion of a certain Mr. John Hurt as our narrator, he certainly gives the listener more of an opportunity to understand the concept a bit more.


The promo copy of this album comes in a tastefully packaged book form with the full CD album included inside with current values ranging from 40 - 75 at all major record fairs in the UK. With their first single release "Metaforce" not making much of an impact in the UK, hopefully their new single "Dreaming in Colour" will see The Art of Noise back in the UK charts where they obviously belong. The Seduction of Claude Debussy
If you are expecting a 10cc-ish album (Lol Creme) then this album is not for you, as many UK adverts have stated:

"This is the Art Of Noise"


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