Full article appeared in the Record Mart and Buyer of September 1999


The Art of Noise are giving their fans a chance to create their own re-mix of the track "Dreaming In Colour" which is going to be the Art of Noise new single from the album "The Seduction of Claude Debussy." Dreaming in Colour features the vocals of Donna Lewis.
All the fans have to do is download multi tracks of the song using a complimentary edition of the Mixman Studio Software allowing them to create their own Custom Re-mixes and then upload them to Radio Mixman on the Web in real audio format. The cost of this is absolutely free and The Art of Noise will then choose a winning Re-mix and put it on a 12" single for promotional use in the UK and The USA.
The contest can be accessed through:


So here is the chance all you budding re-mixers have been waiting for.

This full article appears in the Record Mart and Buyer September 1999 issue.


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