By Keith Edwards, additional information by David Jarvis
Jan 19

10cc release their new single Worst Band In The World c/w 18 Carat Man Of Means but it fails to chart.


10cc re-release their new single Worst band in the World (Lyric Two) due to pressure from Radio and Television with regards to an offensive lyric.

Feb 20

10cc begin their first tour of the US at The Club Richard, Atlanta.

Mar 14

Kevin Godley is taken ill and the rest of the US tour is cancelled.


Special Promotion Single highlighting 10cc's second album Sheet Music is released featuring three tracks.

May Sheet Music is released which goes on to reach #9 in the UK and #81 in the US.
May 16 Rubber Bullets is awarded the Best Beat Song Trophy at the 19th Ivor Novello Awards.
May 25 10cc play an open air concert in Harlow.
May 28 10cc re-schedule their cancelled US Tour and open at The Cobo Hall, Detroit.
Jun Annette and Victor Brox release their new album Rollin' Back with contributions by Lol Creme, Paul Burgess and Eric Stewart.
July Wall St Shuffle c/w Gismo My Way is released and reaches #10 in the UK.
Aug 23 10cc play at the National Jazz and Blues and Rock Festival at Reading, Berks.
10cc release Silly Love c/w The Sacro-Iliac and it reaches #24 in October.
Sep 1 10cc begin a UK Tour opening at Douglas Palace Lido, in the Isle of Man.
Oct 5 Mike McGear releases his new album McGear with contributions by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.

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