Later on in the round


One stage, three singer/songwriters, three guitars. First shown on UK Arena and then an edited version on BBC 2, was "Later on in the round" or "Songwriter's Circle" as the BBC called it. It featured Neil Finn of Crowded House, Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera and Graham Gouldman.

They had about an hour to rehearse and as presenter Jools Holland said in his introduction, the results were sensational! The first songs were sung and played individually but later on, the other two joined in and that certainly was a fresh approach to rendering these long-time favourites.

Graham & Roddy

Graham's songs were: Bus Stop, Heart Full Of Soul, For Your Love, I'm Not In Love and Dreadlock Holiday.

A healthy dose of humour was added as well. Graham for instance, remembered he was obsessed with the chord sequence at the start of "The House Of The Rising Sun" and played that part of the song. He then admitted he had decided back then "that he might be heavily influenced by it" when he wrote "For Your Love!"

 Considering the fact that they had only about an hour to rehearse, this show certainly displayed the professionalism of these three musicians. The songs were well-chosen and it was a pleasure to listen to all of them. Not just because the songs were beautiful but also because all three seemed to be really enjoying themselves. It was a great combination of artists and it really showed! And the audience? They certainly felt the same judging by their cheers and lengthy applause!

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