What a blinking good record!
By David Jarvis

As Kevin Godley explains:

"We were commissioned to write a signature tune for a new Manchester Night club called "Blinkers" which was used to promote the club, and played there when it opened for the night and when it closed, we got paid 100 for that." *)


This extremely rare single, as you can see, is a private pressing record. It was only sold exclusively to members of the "Blinkers" night club but Joseph O'Gara has obtained a copy and he has very kindly sent us a picture of the record for inclusion in this special feature. I know that there is a great deal of 10cc fans all around the world who still have not heard this record and some have even said that they think it does not exist. Well, it does exist and here it is in full colour.
The only other occasion that this rarity has been shown before was two years ago in The Record Collector magazine and even then it only showed a very small review and picture of the A-side, so 10cc Matters would like to thank Joseph for his kind contribution in the publication of this special feature.

*) Extract taken from the George Tremlett book "The 10cc Story".

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