The Latest News from Graham

Writing songs

Just before going to press, we spoke to Graham Gouldman. He told us heís been writing with various people recently: Chris Difford (Squeeze), Marti (Wet Wet Wet) Pellow, Phil Thornally and he also co-wrote a song for an Italian artist that Eros Ramazotti is producing at the moment. Another song he co-wrote is to be found on the new Joe Cocker CD. For Kirsty McCall he wrote a song heís very pleased with and that is going to be on her album which should be out in the first months of 2000.

Solo album

In between things Graham is continuing to work on his solo album and he expects that to be released early next year.

BMI Award Iím Not In Love

Graham also mentioned he picked up a BMI award for ďIím Not In Love.Ē The song has been played 4 million times on the US radio.

Concerts at Ronnie Scottís

For those of you who want to see him live: heís going to play at Ronnie Scottís again next year. It will be for a week probably starting 17 May 2000. Rick Fenn and Mick Wilson are definitely going to be there as well. At this moment he doesnít know who else will be going to join him on stage there.

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