4 Steps to heaven
By David Jarvis, with thanks to John and Linda
16th September 1999.
John Crosby and his lovely wife Linda travelled the short distance from their home in Essex to London's West End (to take in a show) namely "4 STEPS TO HEAVEN". As you can see it featured our very own Stuart Tosh on drums and vocals and Pete Howarth of the Café Royal Green Room 10cc Fame.
4 Steps to Heaven
Peter's passion for composing took him to Los Angeles to write with Steve Farris of Mr Mr and work with rock bands Saga and Giant. Returning to London, Peter met his writing partner Rick Fenn, a successful composer and member of the band 10cc. An enjoyable working relationship grew which has led to many happy years of writing, performing and producing material under their band name of "Circle of Four."
An incredibly exciting time for the pair was the writing of the musical "Robin, Prince of Sherwood" which was produced by Bill Kenwright and enjoyed two UK tours, a West End season at the Piccadilly Theatre, and a Christmas season at the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool.

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