The Definitive Biography

Here to answer all your questions is author Liam Newton.

Q When was the book being published?
The Worst Band In The World: The Definitive Biography of 10cc was published late January 2000.

Q Who is publishing the book?
The book was published by Minerva Press, who are based in Regents Street in London. I have essentially paid for the publication costs out of my own pocket,
although Minerva are responsible for the marketing and distribution of the book.

Q Where will the book be available?
The book will be available through a number of channels. The Minerva Press sales team will be seeking to get the book listed in the UK's major bookshops (e.g. Waterstone's, Dillons etc) and any other relevant outlets that sell books when the book is published in January.

Q What period does the book cover?
The book has 12 chapters, covering the period from 1963 up to 1998. Including appendices, the book has 388 pages.

Q Who from 10cc has been involved in the book?
Most of the key protagonists in the 10cc story have been interviewed for the book, namely Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley, Harvey Lisberg, Paul
Burgess and Zeb White. I also read through hundreds of interviews and reviews in newspapers and magazines in order to supplement the book with additional quotes.

Q What do they think of the book?
The book features a Foreword by Graham Gouldman and an Afterword by Eric Stewart. In the Foreword, Graham says: "It is only after reading this book myself that I realise how important and influential 10cc were."

Q Why did you write the book?
I have been a huge 10cc fan since the age of 9 and was annoyed that the band never seem to get the credit they deserve, despite having one of the most impressive CV's going. I thought that they deserved a definitive biography to tell their wonderful story and detail their fantastic achievements. I also hoped that I might get to meet my heroes if I wrote a book about them. I started the book back in 1994, thinking it would take a year to write, and now 5 years later the dream is about to become

Q Will there be any photographs in the book?
There is only limited space in the book for photographs, basically 4 pages with 2 photographs per page, making 8 photos in total.

Liam Newton

10cc fan Liam Newton is a Marketing Manager for Nestle Rowntree in York.

Liam: "I look after brands such as Quality Street, After Eight and Black Magic and my job involves: advertising, promotions, packaging design etc.

This is indeed the first book I have ever written and there are no plans at the moment to write another. If I wrote another biography it would have to be about another band that I really loved such as Crowded House and Prefab Sprout because researching and writing a book is so time-consuming and a real labour of love."

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