By Mike Butter


Fellow 10cc enthusiasts,

In this letter I would like to tell you about how 10cc has come to be an integral part of my life. 10cc together with Ajax, who are my football obsession.
How did this happen?

Well, it began around the end of '72 when I was only six years old. I saw 10cc on Top Pop (the Dutch version of Top Of The Pops) and what struck me immediately was the long hair and high voice of Lol Creme. Lol became my hero on stage and Johan Cruyff in the stadium. (Both Lol and Johan were born in 1947, strange coincidence).

From this moment on I knew that 10cc were the group for me. Why I didnít like The Osmonds like the rest of the kids my age, I don't know. That year my sister bought me an Osmonds record for my birthday. Ripped the cover and never played it so there! At this age the lyrics werenít so important, but the music and the image really got to me, my adoration for the group knew no bounds. When The Wall Street Shuffle reached no.1 in the Dutch charts I played it non-stop.

That one line from Lol Creme (that voice yet again), "You've gotta be cool on Wall Street" drove me wild.

In so much as the singles were many sided and compulsive listening, the LPís were even more adventurous, it was hard to believe that this was the same group.

In my opinion 10cc were the best there was in the 70s. Years later ďIím Not In Love" was for me and my holiday romance ďour record.Ē Everyday on the road and at home I played 10cc continuously. My living room is decorated with the LPís and CDís with different sleeves from the legendary four.

When Ajax reached the league finals and played on the same day as 10cc, there was no choice for me, I went to the concert. What a fanatic. Well that's my story!

Mike Butter
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