By John Crosby

All together now?

Three track acetate

This issue we start from the beginning or 1963 to be precise. The 3-track acetate shown below is an old EMI disc by Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders. Track 1 on the A-side has backing vocals by "Mindbenders" and the song is "Hello Josephine". Track 2 and 3 on the B-side feature the unreleased "Don't Tell Me What To Do" and "Love Potion No. 9".

Hello Josephine/Don't Tell Me What To Do/Love Potion No. 9

Hello Josephine
Wayne Fontana: Together
This next disc is by Wayne Fontana on his own but it is very interesting because not only does it bring together (no pun intended) Wayne Fontana and Eric Stewart, it also brings in Graham Gouldman as well.
The title track of this single is entitled "Together" and it is written by Graham Gouldman. The flip side is called "One Man Woman" and it is produced by Wayne and Eric.
Both sides are a Strawberry Production and the disc was released on the Warner Bros. record label.

Together/One Man Woman

10cc on 10cc

This LP sampler is excellent. It contains snippets from the album "10cc" and there is also some dialogue introducing each track. The sampler is in the same order as the American album.

Sampler LP

10cc sampler

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