Japanese fan Keiichi Ishikawa sent us a CD which is pictured on the right.
It's a bit of a strange release as the back cover is written in Japanese while the disc itself says: "Manufactured in the EEC". It's called "10cc Live In Concert" and the tracks on it are the "Alive" songs.

Track list:

  1. The Wall Street Shuffle
  2. Iím Mandy, Fly Me
  3. Good Morning Judge
  4. Welcome To Paradise
  5. The Night The Stars Didnít Show
  6. Dreadlock Holiday
  7. Shine A Light In The Dark
  8. Feel The Benefit
As the OBI mentions it's "Vol.I", it suggests that there is also a second disc.

10cc Live In Concert, Disc 1, 1996, Tring International PLC, PCD1043 (MCP-010A)

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