By Anne Marie Davies & Mark Tranter

The last time we saw 10cc was in June 1993. It was their last major gig of the tour. We wanted to tell you about this because we would like to see if anyone else has experienced anything unusual when they saw 10cc!

It had been ten years since we had seen 10cc and first we travelled to Swindon.


It was a great concert but the crowd was very "laid back" and very quiet, it wasn't 10cc's fault however. We think it was due to the venue. It looked like a "sports hall" and it felt very cold and the security were very over the top. Towards the end of the concert things began to warm up, but still the security men would not let you move at all!

A few days later, 10cc played in Cardiff at St. David's Hall, which was a complete sell out. The atmosphere was very different and the security were calm and laid back and we think 10cc gave a huge response to the welcome they were given.

The highlights of the night were obviously playing their greatest hits and more.

There were a few unusual moments of the concert and the first one was at the start of Dreadlock Holiday. Eric rose from behind his keyboard and started dancing around the stage. You don't often see him doing that, do ya?!

Then came the real 'shock', after finishing "I'm not in love". All the band left the stage and then Eric returned on his own with guitar in hand. Eric treated us to a rendition of "I'm Not In Love" in a strong Lancashire accent and carried it through for a couple of minutes which everyone found very amusing.

Before the final song "Slow Down", the support band ran on stage and presented 10cc with two huge pizzas which seemed to be eaten very quickly within the band. We don't know about you, but it seemed very strange waiting for the band to finish their pizza and then start the concert again.

So all in all, it was a fantastic concert, unusual, funny and very different!

To end the evening in perfection, we met the band later on that night. We made a few photos of the band, which is just as well, because by the time Anne-Marie had met Eric, she was in a state of shock and couldn't remember anything afterwards!

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