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Jan 14
Graham Gouldman releases Nowhere to Go c/w Growing Older produced by Eric Woolfson.

Festival release Today c/w Come Warm Me A): Godley/Creme B): Stewart/Gouldman.

Garden Odyssey release The Joker c/w Have you ever been to Georgia A):Greenfield/Gouldman (B): Gouldman with both tracks produced by: Stewart and Gouldman.

Tristar Airbus release Willie Morgan c/w Travelling Man A): Smith/Gouldman B): Gouldman, with 10cc as backing musicians.
Mar 17
Peter Noone releases Because You're There composed by Noone/Gouldman, which is the B side to "Shoobedoah".
Everton Football Club release Forever Everton composed by Graham Gouldman.

Lancashire C.C.C. release Red Rose c/w The Ballad of David Hughes.

Leeds United F.C. release Leeds, Leeds, Leeds c/w Leeds United which was arranged and produced by Les Reed with 10cc as backing musicians.

Aug 4
10cc release their debut single Donna c/w Hot Sun Rock and peaks at #2 in Oct. Donna 7"
Aug 8
The Hermits release The Man c/w Effen Curly which was produced by Eric Stewart.

Manchester City F.C. release The Boys in Blue c/w Funky City both tracks composed by Godley, Creme, Gouldman.

Neil Sedaka releases his new album Solitaire with the help of Gouldman, Creme, Godley as backing musicians and Eric as the Recording Engineer.

Solomon King releases When You've gotta Go c/w Life Child , the A side was produced by Harvey Lisberg and the B side was a Strawberry Production.

10cc make their radio debut on the "Dave Lee Travis Show".
10cc make their T.V. debut on "Top of the Pops".
10cc appear on Dutch T.V. show called "Top Pop" performing "Donna".

Nov 24
10cc release their second single Johnny Don't Do It c/w 4% of Something but it fails to chart in the UK.


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