By TJ Thurston


We all Feel The Benefit

Back in 1993, when the Internet was still relatively unknown, a group of people starting chatting on discussion boards about their love of the music of 10cc and Godley & Creme. This expanded to an email list to share thoughts and information on the bands and their music and got its official name of Minestrone in the Autumn of 1994.

Now, in 1999, there are over 200 members in 24 countries who participate regularly in the online discussions.

Minestrone was formed to gather information about the bands and their music, including a discography, history, lyrics, and current happenings of the band members. It has been a wealth of information, as members have contributed information as well as ways to locate rare music on the Internet. Indeed, the Internet has linked the Minestrone members beyond just information sharing; online music stores have been sources for locating otherwise difficult to find music or music that was never released in a particular country. Minestronies, as we call ourselves, share web sites they find that offer music and more information.

Some interesting statistics on the list: total members since formation 368; of the active members, there are 13 females, and 195 males; the countries that have the most members are in order United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The members have shared their own personal stories about concerts, have developed their own web pages, and have even sponsored "best song" contests and discussions.

The Minestrone web site can be found at: Or you can join the mailing list by clicking this button:

The current administrator is: Jose Gomez.


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