By David Jarvis

John Lees: A Major Fancy

Shelved for 5 years until 1977 (due to various contract problems), the vinyl issue of this album was released to the general public and completely disappeared without trace.

The year 1999 finally saw the release of this album on to CD and it features Eric Stewart and Kevin Godley playing various instruments. It was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport.

(EAGLE CD 107)

Rick Fenn: Reflections


A very unusual album. Rick's own words when asked at Ronnie Scott's last year: "Good God, I thought that was completely buried in the bargain basement. I am totally amazed that it is on CD."

This album is basically a strange and wonderful collection of mainly jingles, for want of a better word, but it is well worth a listen. Trying to find this very elusive CD may cause you a few headaches.

(Published: February 2000)

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