David's Collector's Corner

David Jarvis talks to Eric Stewart about record collecting Matters!

David: What can you tell us about “The Acapulco Kid” which appeared on the promo tape of “Bloody Tourists” when it was re-released a few years ago?Eric: I think the song “The Acapulco Kid” was something that Graham had written and recorded some time ago, maybe with Andew Gold, but I don’t remember 10cc working on anything with that title.

David: You say you have such a good memory! Can you enlighten us about these obscure tracks? They were composed by David Rohl for a group named “Ankh” and they were recorded at Strawberry Studios North: “Isis”, “Still Time To Live”, “In Search Of The Gates Of Ament”.

Eric: “Ankh” was a Manchester band and they were led by Dave Rohl as you said. The songs come from an album I produced for them around 1968/9. Dave went on to become a famous Egyptologist and wrote many books and a TV series on the subject. We were treated to lectures and slide shows of his travels in Egypt back there in 1968. “Ankh” is the Egyptian symbol of a cross with a loop top.


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