David Jarvis talks to Andrew Gold about Wax and 10cc

Do you ever regret not taking up 10cc's invitation to join the band in 1982 when you worked on the Ten out of Ten album?
Yes, it would have been fun.

Obviously you hit it off with Graham. How did you get on with Eric?
Eric and I got along fine, but he is a little less easy to get to know, that's all. A bit of a mystery man, quiet...plus we didn't spend so much time together.

Do you often play the U.S. version of Ten Out Of Ten?
Haven't heard it in a while, but I loved it…

When you meet new people, do they still recognize you as part of Wax or do you find they generally have forgotten about your success with Graham in the 80s?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no...more people know me from my solo career though over here (in the USA).

Of all the songs that you have written with Graham, which track is your favourite?
Difficult to say… Bridge To Your Heart… The Promise...Teardrops… I like a lot… Anchors Aweigh.

And which track is the best example of the songwriting chemistry between you and Graham?
Well, they are all different… but the surprising thing is sometimes Graham writes the part that you think is my bit, and sometimes I write the 10cc sounding bit… it changes. In general I write the consonants, and Graham does the vowels….

And which one is the worst (in your humble opinion)?
Hmmm...let's see…. My least favourite song of ours for some odd reason is Call It Destiny… though I heard it a few weeks ago and I didn't mind it like I used to…

As far as many UK fans are concerned, WAX did not quite achieve the success that you and Graham deserved. Do you agree with this or not?
There is always room for more success! We were happy with what we did and how it was received, but it would have been great to get at least big enough to just keep on doing it forever…

How often do you and Graham get together these days?
At least once every six months.

The last time that you and Graham played live together was back in 1997 at The Green Room at The Café Royal in London when you joined Graham and Rick on stage. Did you enjoy your short appearance there and how do you feel about playing small intimate venues such as the Green Room and Ronnie Scott's that obviously Graham does?
I like all size venues. Microscopic, tiny, small, medium, large, gargantuan, cosmic...

You mentioned in your last e-mail to me that your new solo album is almost finished so can you give us any details regarding this new album, i.e. title, release date, musicians, co-writers?
The new album is called The Spence Manor Suite, and it is a semi-country album, as I'm down here in Nashville. Most of the co-writers are just songwriters around town, like Gary Burr, Raul Malo (of the Mavericks) and various songsmiths… The album should be out around July or August.

Are you or Graham involved in any way on either of your new solo albums?
I am on his new album a lot, having produced three or four songs on it, but he happens not to be on my new one...though we still write a lot…

Did you realize that "The World In Action” single Don't Break My Heart is now changing hands in the UK for anything up to £360? What do think about how these rarities come about considering the single was re-released under "Common Knowledge” shortly later?
That's astounding… Why oh why didn't I stock up? Anyone want to buy a CD of our old "demos”? Apart from "Tail Lights” (Leftovers CD), are there any more Gold/Gouldman compositions floating around that you could tell us about? Many, many… Dirty Love, Single Kiss, Lone Soldier, Under Her Spell, The First Time I Fell In Love and about 10 others never recorded past being demos...

Would you and Graham ever consider putting together a CDR of all your old demos?
I will do it now if you get Graham to say yes… He probably will…


If you could choose, which musician past or present would you most liked to have worked with?
Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (Though I HAVE sung with him)… Jobim…

What would you be doing now if you hadn't become a musician?
A movie director/actor, definitely.

What would be your first act as World Leader?
All people on earth would have to buy one copy of my albums, and some of my friends too. All actresses and models I like would have to submit to me at least once. And then that world peace
thing, I GUESS...

Which musician do you admire most and why?
VERY hard to name one. I suppose it would be either Debussy, Gershwin, Lennon, McCartney, Brian Wilson, Jobim, Bacharach, Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Prince etc.

Looking back on all the songs you have written, do you ever wish that you'd done them differently?
One: Lonely Boy. The lyrics....could've been way better...but then it wouldn't have been a hit I suppose....

Is there any one song that was composed by another artist that you wish you'd written?
Many....many many....too many... When You Wish Upon A Star....Girl From Ipanema....Happy Birthday To You.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are not actually making it?
I love Aimee Mann and Sheryl Crow most of all right now.

What do you do for relaxation when you are not in the studio?
Find overly virtuous girls to sully.

What does the future hold for Mr Andrew Gold?
More music.




This suggestion by David Jarvis, about Wax demos, did lead to the making of a very special CD! It is a collection of varied and sundry unreleased demos, song fragments, live songs and obscure bits and b sides for WAX and 10cc enthusiasts. The album can be ordered on the Internet: www.andrewgold.com ($18 plus p&p)


  1. Rock My World
  2. The Lie
  3. People All Over This World
  4. Slow Down Live
  5. Somebody's Waiting
  6. Bridge To Your Heart Demo
  7. A Single Kiss
  8. Bug On The Cote D'Azur Christmas Message
  9. Lone Soldier
  10. The First Time I Fell In Love
  11. Billiard Themes
  12. Dirty Love
  13. Superman
  14. Ha Ha Went The Clown
  15. On The Waterfront
  16. Francesca McGregor
  17. When East Meets West
  18. Laundromat
  19. Lazybones ...and much more

Photos used with kind permission of Andrew Gold.

Published August 2000

Links: www.andrewgold.com and Dome Records

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