DJ Mark Wardle interviewed Graham for his radio show. Much of what they talked about has already been covered by this magazine but here are a few snippets which may give extra information or a new slant on Grahamís album!

MW: Dancing days sounds like a cousin of Bluebird.
GG: Yeah, it does have a bit of that. Thereís two ways of looking at lost love; itís better to have it than not I suppose, and thereís some regret that the dancing days are over but theyíre still remembered. And this was written with Gary BurrÖ

MW: Heís been writing with Andrew Gold too hasnít he? GG: Yes, we like to keep it in the family!

MW: Itís an unusual choice for a single, there are several stronger songs on the album. GG: Nothing to do with me squire!

MW: Do you still attend the EMI writersí weeks? GG: Yeah, I was at one several months ago.

MW: Itís like a musicianís summer camp really! GG: Itís kind of like that. Itís very disciplined. You start work at 10 and go on until 6 and I, like the others, would work on days off. Whatís interesting is that you play your song to the rest of the group at the end of the day, like an extra strain on you.

MW: Whose idea was it to allude to Iím Not In Love in There Was A Day? GG: It was Chrisí idea. The second time you hear it the original bass line is there.

MW: ĎSometimesí has actually been released on the Common Knowledge album! GG: Um, yeah! When I record with Andrew heís such a good vocalist that he tends to sing the songs but I had sung this one and I thought it would be nice to put it on this album. I hope no one minds!

MW: Itís just those Christmassy bells can be annoying! GG: Andrew had a theory: every track he did in the 70s that had jingle bells on them became a hit. Yes, Iím afraid the bells are there!

MW: Did you not think you had the definitive version of Ready To Go Home on Mirror Mirror? GG: I wanted to try it in a different way and thought it worked quite well.

MW: Single Tonight is quite a bitter song. GG: Well I hope it has a touch of optimism in it, but I do like the bitterness about it; it seems to fit I think.

MW: Walking Away is one of my favourites on the album. GG: Itís also very simple. I wrote it with Gary Barlow very quickly, in about an hour. I only wish Gary had recorded this one.

MW: Is the Ďbonus trackí a list of the most annoying questions? GG: Yes!!

MW: So all credit to me for not asking them! Why do you think everyone is so obsessed with asking about Kev and Lol? GG: I donít know! Sometimes I think Iíve got away with it and then itís the last question!

MW: Itís like asking if you still see Jonathan KingÖ GG: Not if I can help it!

MW: The most interesting line is about the end of 10cc being in 1983. Have you blanked out the other years? GG: Yes! The albums we did after that were offers we couldnít refuse and should not have done.

MW: Gary Katz was an odd choice for producer of Meanwhile. GG: Well, he wasnít before we did it, but he was after!

MW: Certainly many 10cc fans donít rate Mirror Mirror too highly. GG: Then our fans have good taste!

MW: How do you feel about the new album? GG: Itís been a long time since I had any solo product outÖ..There have always been songs that have slipped through the net and itís a shame that they should be wasted. Theyíre not rejects. They were just not necessarily right for the time. I thought people should hear them, plus there were a couple of songs I wanted to re-work. Itís given me the opportunity to let people hear songs they wouldnít normally have heard.

MW: All the publicity suggests this is your first solo album in over 30 years. Why is Animalympics overlooked? GG: It wasnít really a solo album, it was music for a film; I donít count it as a solo album.

MW: Youíre not blanking it from your memory then?? GG: Oh no, no.

MW: What are your feelings on performing live now? GG: I like doing it when the opportunity comes up; itís a fun thing to do. I use top grade musicians and itís not cheap to do so itís not something I make any money out of; but I find it fulfilling.

MW: Any songs which you regret writing or make you cringe now? I have a few suggestions.. GG: Thank you very much!! Tell me and Iíll tell you whether I agree or not.

MW: OK, Hot to Trot. GG: Oh no, I like that!!

MW: Do you not find it a bit cheesy? GG: Well, itís a bit naff now!

MW: Go For It from Animalympics. GG: Yeah! Itís easy to laugh with hindsight but carry on!!

MW: All right, Sunburn. GG: (silence)

MW: Best cover though - who was that strange woman you were putting lotion on?! GG: I have no idea! I thought the song was OKÖit had a certain thing about it.

MW: And finallyÖ.do you still see Kev and Lol?? GG: Goodbye Mark!!

MW: Goodbye, Mr. Gouldman. Itís been a pleasure.

(Abridged and published November 2000)


Hi Graham, what have you been up to lately?
Well I have been doing a lot of promotional work for "AAT". I did a TV Show called "London Tonight" with Rick and Mick and we sang "Heart Full Of Soul". I have been doing a lot of press and telephone interviews for Radio Stations. I also did a TV Show recently (last Wed) in Belfast with Kirsty MacColl; the show was called "The John Daly Show". Kirsty's guitarist fell ill and they asked me to do it because the song was one we wrote together, Treachery.

I thought you were supposed to be in Nashville at this time.
Yes that's right but due to a family illness I have had to put that trip off until the end of this month. I shall be going to work with Andrew and a few other writers over there. I am really looking forward to it a lot.

What kind of reaction have you had regarding "AAT"?
Well there seems to have been a very good reaction towards the album, which is very promising and also very pleasing. Another thing that might be of interest to you is that I have just been given an award on October 11th at the Savoy in London, "The Gold Badge Award", which is basically for services to the music industry. They award about 10 every year and this year I got one. It's a very prestigious award and I'm very happy to have received one.

Who have you been writing with lately?
I have written with a girl called Kim Stockwood who is a Canadian artist and I met her a while ago at the EMI Writers week but we didn't write together then. Recently she was in town and wanted to write with me. I've also done a lot of work with a Norwegian artist called "ODD" who is on EMI Records and he has already recorded two of our songs for his album. I shall let you all know when his album comes out.

(Published November 2000)

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