By John Bruinsma

(Originally published in the Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander)

What do you have left to prove when you have (co-)written Bus Stop, For Your Love, Heart Full Of Soul, No Milk Today, Wall Street Shuffle, I'm Not In Love and Dreadlock Holiday? There are artists who would retire on less. But not Graham Gouldman who is now over fifty. The English hit composer from the sixties, who was one of the leading men of top group 10cc in the seventies, is actually back with a solo CD.

On "And Another Thing..." he alternates old, polished work with new compositions co-written with other song writers. His old pal from Wax in the eighties [Andrew Gold] also helps him out. Apart from a few failures (Dancing Days, Sometimes) the result is not disappointing. The old hit You Stole My Love sounds full of vitality. The new Walking With Angels is a pleasant ode to Gouldman’s late father.

Pop music for the over 40s. Nice for [the Dutch] Radio 1. Not revolutionary but more consistent than Mirror Mirror, 10cc’s half-hearted swan-song from 1995.

Nota bene: pay attention to the unusual hidden track.


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