As part of the new year celebrations Channel Four presented The Greatest 100 Number Ones of All Time. I'm Not In Love was in there! For some reason the people who decided these things put 10cc at number 77, ridiculously low, I'm sure we all agree. However, the producers obviously thought a lot of the song because it was given more coverage than practically any other song on the show.

The exciting parts were new interviews with both Eric and Graham. They dutifully told the story of the song, the story we know so well! A few weeks later Eric and Graham were on our screens again and this time Kevin appeared as well! It was fantastic to see them all on one programme, even if they were interviewed separately. Top Ten Heartbreakers featured I'm Not In Love at number 4. Graham mentioned that it had been a mistake to re-record the song in 1995. Eric smiled at the thought that the song had been of 'financial benefit' and Kev...well Kev was Kev and said that he wished he had written the ******* song!!


In March BBC Radio 2 began their series, The Mancunian Way, about the music of Manchester through the decades. The Mindbenders were featured in part two and in part four 10cc were given about 15 minutes coverage. Wall St Shuffle and The Things We Do For Love were played and again Graham gave an interview specially for the show. He talked about his sixties songwriting in Manchester as well as his years with 10cc.

No more 10cc programmes are scheduled at the moment. The BBC is still editing its mini-documentary on the making of I'm Not In Love. Luckily we have inside information on this one and so we should be able to give plenty of notice of the date it will be shown. The producer, Des Burkinshaw, will be writing an article about the making of the programme for the next issue of the fanzine.

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