Transcribed by David

I have just come back from Nashville where I recorded a demo with Andrew. Andrew and I, as you know, have a couple of songs on the new Asia album "Ready to go Home" and "Wherever You Are"; they turned out very well indeed. I have also been busy working with a guy called Brian Kennedy. Overall it's been very quiet since Christmas but I'm getting back into gear now.

I have also been writing material with Phil Thornalley from the old "Wax" days. I have been working with Kim Stockwood who's making a new album; she is over from Canada. ODD from Norway may be using some of our songs we wrote together on his new album for EMI.

I am planning to go back to Nashville sometime in the summer because my publishing company out there wants me to link up with some more writers and Nashville is the kind of place where you have to keep going back to keep your name in... Unless live work is going to be worthwhile, I don't think we will be doing any this year and with Rick away in Australia for I think another month or two, it may be not worth it. He's been in Australia for just over 3 months now in all that sun. I'm not sure if we are going to do Ronnie Scott's this year because Ronnie's was just a bit of fun really but financially we don't make very much. Rick and I are trying to get a few gigs together to make it worthwhile; there may be a possibility of doing Ronnie's but I don't think it will happen this year.

My new album is still ticking along; it's had some very good reviews and I am also thinking about doing another one but it won't be 30 years for the next one because I'll be in my 80's then and I don't think somehow people will be all that interested; besides which I might not make it up to the microphone...... But the track I told you about that I did with Andrew, I did it in such a way that, if need be, it could be used for my next album so I am sub-consciously planning my next one.

Tomorrow I start work with an Australian band called Taxi Ride. Apparently they are very big in OZ and I'm going to work with Billy Myers again on her next album.

(February 2001)

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