One of our members, Mike Butter from the Netherlands, wrote to the Dutch VARA TV Magazine to tellpeople about his very first 7". We're printing the article plus a translation with kind permission from the VARA. (The article originally appeared in their no. 53 of 2000.)

If you would like to read this in Dutch, please click on the image to see a bigger picture. (55k)

I immediately noticed Lol Creme with his long hair and high voice. That falsetto made a huge impression on a boy of just 6. But 'Donna' wasn't yet for sale at the Monday market in Brielle; so I went off to the record store for the very first 45rpm I chose for myself.

This song was the basis for the pop group which, as far as I am concerned, was the most versatile group of all time. Their music was so varied that you would wonder whether their later work really did spring from Donna. There were so many types of vocal parts and so many styles of hits.

As a band 10cc were averse to glitter and glamour. When they had a number one hit with Dreadlock Holiday, there wasn't even a colour picture of them in the Hitkrant. It's remarkable that after that they didn't have much more success at home in England. It isn't clear why; there were some really commercially interesting numbers. Just because of these timeless 70s hits 10cc have earned their place in pop history.

Whichever 10cc track I hear being played on the radio, it always reminds me of how it all started with my first 7"!

(April 2001)

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