Webmaster of Sixties site interviews former Mindbender!
With special thanks to Digger for letting us have an excerpt!

Digger: If you could create a fantasy British sixties supergroup of people living or dead, who would be in it?
Eric: My Fantasy Group............ they already existed, they were called "The Beatles" Great Writers, who else could come up with so many Weird and Wonderful and commercial songs. Superb Voices (all of them) great guitar from George, Superb Drumming from Ringo, who was seriously under-rated. All other so called 'Super Groups' that followed paled into insignificance when compared. The chemistry of a band is certainly not achieved by putting the best musicians together.

Digger: Can you describe the atmosphere in Britain in the sixties. What made it such a creative place at that time?
Eric: The atmosphere was 'ELECTRIC', Britain was so creative in the 60's, because, for the first time in history, young people were able to make and create their own careers in fashion, music, architecture, paintings etc etc, and the explosion was devastating for the 'Establishment' who took years to recover from the shock. The Pill, and a more relaxed attitude to soft drugs also played their part.

Digger: Do you think music reflects the time and society it comes from or does it have the power to change things?
Eric: In the 50/60/70's music certainly did change things socially, things were freed up tremendously, sacred cows were slaughtered, but from the 80's, music in general has been a good reflection of things getting more and more violent in the UK, the Punk era started it, and it went downhill from there as far as I am concerned. TV these days should be called "ShoutoVision". There are of course some people making good thought-provoking music all the time but they rarely get any airplay these days, most radio stations are seriously "In your Face Man" and seriously Boring. Have you listened to Radio 1 recently??

Digger: You spend a lot of time in France. Please tell us about that if you can.
Eric: I have loved France for over 30 years, I have travelled all around it, and it is still quite unspoiled for the most part, some of it is in a lovely time warp ( somebody said the Dordogne is like Kent was 300 years ago ). It is of course a big place, 4 times bigger than the UK with slightly less people, so one feels a little less claustrophobic. Good food is of course a way of life for the French, and its hard to find bad food or bad service there, The wine is very good too, even with new world wines getting better, the French wines are still the best.

Digger: What are your favourites sixties albums and singles?
Eric: Favourite 60's album, "Revolver", Single, "Strawberry Fields Forever".

Digger: Can you describe your career so far in a sentence?
Eric: I am one very lucky man who lived and took part in the most exciting time in music history and, if I made a few people happier with my music, I am a very rich man.

Review of this site in America's Entertainment Weekly
"Shagadelic" doesn't even begin to describe this Union Jack-filled tribute to swinging London and the British Invasion during the very gear '60s. Amateur pop historian David "Digger" Barnes has compiled scads of fab facts about the era's stars, tunes, flicks, and TV shows, then topped off the mix with his own interviews of such personalities as Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone and the Animals' Hilton Valentine. Yeah, baby!" -Caren Weiner Campbell, grade: A

Digger's website is: WWW.SIXTIESPOP.COM
An excellent website where you will find lots more regarding the swinging 60s! Go to the Star Interviews section to find the full interview with Eric and some great photos of those Mindbending days.

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