10cc's concert in the Netherlands

For weeks I was looking forward to a concert from 10cc on the beach. On this beach I had spent so many windsurfing hours over the years. 10cc would play on August 21, 1993 on Scheveningen Beach. The concert was called The Veronica Music Beach tour and before 10cc came on stage we had to listen to some local bands, The Trammps and Gibson Brothers.

I left home early to the beach to see what was happening there. As I got to the beach at 2 o'clock in the afternoon I could hear loudly, from miles away, Eric's voice singing some 10cc numbers. They were a doing a soundcheck during the sunny hours and I ran as fast I could to the main area where someone let me pass the security to walk just in front of the stage.

10 meters in front of me the whole band was playing there, just for me and a handful of people, I'm Not in Love, Dreadlock Holiday and some other popular work. For me it was like a dream to see them after so many years on stage.

Eric sang I'm Not In Love with different words and you could see all of them had difficulty concentrating. Steve Pigott had real problems with a section in Dreadlock Holiday. But one thing was certain: this band was playing so well that I couldn't believe my ears. After a break Graham was standing there and I shouted, requesting my personal favourite song Feel the Benefit. Graham heard me and answered "Tonight it's yours".

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Eric Stewart
Scheveningen poster
Rick Fenn
Graham Gouldman

Gary Wallis came down to discuss something with one of the sound engineers. He just passed me and I asked him "Can I ask you something?". Here's a summary of the Questions and Answers.

Why is 10cc playing again after so many years? Well, they want to pick up 10cc things again as it seems the market needs 10cc music.

Why are you in 10cc at the moment? Well, I have loved 10cc since I was a small kid and as a drummer I love to play with Eric and Graham; they asked me and I was in heaven.

Can we expect "something special" tonight? Yes, I love the extra solo in Feel The Benefit from Eric - and mine of course, wait for it!?

What else are you doing in music? Well, normally I play in an other band which is called Pink Floyd!

After a chat we said goodbye and at that moment Eric was teaching a kid how to drum while all the others were walking around.

The band went backstage and we waited some hours. It was dark, all other bands were finally gone and the crowd doubled and was waiting until 10cc came on stage.

They started with Good Morning Judge. A couple of friends of mine joined me and the sound was perfect. All numbers from Alive were there and when the first hits flew over the beach the crowd started singing and 10cc had them in their hands.

Newspapers were very positive about 10cc the next evening.

"This band still has the same quality as 15 years ago"
"Welcome back, 10cc"

For me? Unforgettable!!

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