Graham talked to David on 11th June 2001

DJ: Have you been busy the last few months?
GG: I have been working again with Brian Kennedy; in fact I was only working with him last week because he is doing an album for Sony which he is recording in New York. I have also been working with Dane Bowers again who has a new album out shortly and he has been producing a girl singer whom he discovered on a TV Talent show whilst he was on the panel of judges. I have been working with a guy called "James Macmillan" who is a sort of Ace Keyboard programmer writer as well. That's pretty much it at the moment; just trying to keep busy.

DJ: Any more thoughts on And Another Thing Part 3?
GG: (Short burst of laughter). Well I hope so but I will make sure that it does not take me 30 years to complete this time around. I think it will be like the last one, what I mean is when time allows, but I have it definitely in mind and I think I would just like to keep them coming at regular intervals. There are a couple of songs I would definitely put on the album but you will have to wait and see what they are.

DJ: Any sign of Andrew Gold at the moment?
GG: Andrew and I are always in touch, as you know, but with him moving to LA in a month or so, we have nothing planned but I will link up with him very soon I hope.

DJ: And the Demo you recorded with Andrew?
GG: Well, we have that song placed now with a major artist, it is a song that I wrote with Henry Priestman and Angela Lupino at the last EMI writers week and we have already got interest from a major artist. The demo I felt was not quite right so Henry has been working on that at great lengths recently and it sounds so much better, I just wanted it to sound better and this song is one song that I would definitely put on my next album.

DJ: Any more radio or TV coming up?
GG: Nothing planned at the moment along those lines; I'm just basically concentrating on writing at the moment and of course the gigs that are coming up and all the usual suspects will be on show… Myself, Rick, Paul Burgess, Mick Wilson and Spike Edney, whom we are trying to accommodate on all the gigs.

DJ: Did you know about the website now up and running in your honour?
GG: I did actually but I have not had time to check it out but rest assured as soon as I get time I shall have a look. Bye For Now and I hope to see you all soon somewhere.

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