David talked to Rick on 20th June 2001


RF: I have not long since got back from Australia, where I stayed for 3 months. I'm a bit snowed under at the moment, Pete's here with me and we are working hard to get to get this project we're working on wrapped up, so we are busy bashing away in the recording studio. You remember I told you about it last time we spoke, the musical for Bill Kenwright, and we are on the last leg of that now: "The Story of Androcles and the Lion", but it will probably be called "Androcles".

DJ: Will it be released on CD in the future?
RF: Well, that all depends on how it does on stage; everything will follow on from that, I think. But at this moment we have very high hopes for it and basically, my whole life is revolving around this musical at the moment.

DJ: Talking about musicals, there was an article in a British Airways In Flight magazine saying that two former members of 10cc were writing a musical based on Graham Greene's novel titled "Brighton Rock". Can you shed any light on this for us?
RF: Well, actually...You're kidding me, I'd love to see a copy of that, because it is actually Pete (Howarth) and me. Well, he did do a short stint with Graham and me at
some festivals and the Café Royal in London but he was never in 10cc as you well know. But that's amazing this article appearing in a In Flight magazine on British Airways. I just cannot believe it. Well, let me think now. This is a project that the pair of us started, God it was a long time ago, and we both got very far into it and to this day I still think that some of the finest stuff I have ever written was on that project. It fell through because I think Bill Kenwright got the jitters about it; I think the Graham Greene story became very complicated due to the Graham Greene estate and also it became very costly. In the end he went cold on it which is a shame because there was a lot of good work on that.

DJ: When are you seeing Graham again?
RF: Well, I will be seeing him at the weekend and it's sad because we had to cancel a tour we had planned at the end of the year. But we do have a few gigs lined up for July and August in Bradford, Sheffield and Newmarket and also some festivals in the summer. I do not have all the gigs listed at the moment but as soon as I have them, I shall let you know where they are. In the meantime keep a look out for us. But Eric will definitely not be with us which is a tragic shame because I miss playing with him terribly and I'd love to work with him again in the future.

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