Well, we finally got our panel of experts to review the brand new songs from Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman and here’s what they had to say…

 “ The Same Road”

Val : The Same Road has an easy listening familiar feel good factor appeal. Tune is enjoyable and memorable if a little syrupy – could almost be used as a theme tune for a programme similar to “The Love Boat”. Kevin’s voice portrays a sassy sexy confidence, and has a dreamy chocolate-y sound which marries with the tune perfectly. Die-hard romantics will love it!

Dave : Kevin’s voice certainly survived the test of time… this track takes me right back to the 1960’s. If you are looking for an Iceberg or maybe The Sacro-Iliac then you will be disappointed. This song is certainly the cream of the crop with beautiful lead vocals from Kevin, accompanied brilliantly by some wonderful backing vocals. With wonderful harmonies flowing through this track. You will be singing along to this song more or less straight away. Kevin’s vocal range is the highlight of this song…

Roy : Could almost have recorded this at the same time as “Under Your Thumb”, the style of lead vocals is very similar. This would make a very good album-opener. I like it a lot! I’d love to hear a whole album from Kevin and Graham.

Panel verdict : 3 thumbs up!!!

“Johnny Hurts”

After finding “The Same Road” pleasing, I was hoping for more of the same. This track grew on me a little though I found the western backing distracting. Slight Mavericks influence here which I wouldn’t admit to liking.

Another wonderful example of the varied range of Kevin’s voice. A very soulful feel to this catchy tune, flowing effortlessly through this song. I can imagine driving along the road with the car stereo turned up very loud. Even though there is a serious message to this song you will be mesmerized and find it very hard not to be singing along instantly. song. Kevin is the type of singer with which you can easily understand every word he sings, a pleasure to listen to this song.

This would make a great single. Very easy to learn the chorus, and sing it too. A song to let you know who your friends are. A lovely samba rhythm permeates throughout. Graham takes his usual position as “Mr. Backing Vocals Singer Extraordinaire”. It’s the sort of song ‘The Beautiful South’ do so well.

Panel verdict : 7 out of 10.


Good idea for a title, modern feel that grabs attention but for me that’s where it ends. Sorry. Track is too long winded and has a depressing edge. Vocalist turned crooner sounds to sit awkwardly with this. Was expecting a vibrant crescendo, but was left disappointed.

A very haunting start to this song with just a piano playing brings in Kevin’s glorious voice which makes this song come to life. An 8 ˝ minute song which takes the listener on a roller coaster ride to Life and back. This epic is full of words which the listener is hypnotized to follow. The chances of you hearing this on the radio or on Top Of The Pops are somewhat remote. The piano is the main instrument which hauntingly keeps the listener’s ears pricked up… not quite a singalong song but a very moving, sometimes depressing song.

This is the best out of all four songs if you ask me. Excellently written lyrics – “we all turned into doctors and lawyers and stuff. If you like songs about junkie has - been models, singers and actresses who’ll do anything for money, then this is the song for you. It really doesn’t sound like either Kevin or Graham on lead vocals, it’s a very different song style to what you would normally expect.

Panel verdict : Two out of three ain’t bad!

“Hooligan Crane”

This track has a poppy Cliff Richard sound reminiscent of his 1980’s style. The backing track sucks you into an aura of being within the song and listening to the vocals. Works very well.

A wonderful funky feel to this track with cleverly orchestrated backing vocals by Graham. This song will need you to keep pressing the repeat button until you can get the whole understanding of this track.  Beautifully sung once again by Kevin with beautiful arrangements. The whole song works really well and after a few listens the catchy tune starts to reveal itself.

You’ll be thinking “where do I know that riff from?” This took a few listens to get the full meaning of the lyrics, but nevertheless it is quite a catchy little ditty. I would have said it was more Robbie Williams than Cliff Richard.

Panel verdict : 5.8 - 5.9 - 5.8 - 5.9 - 5.9 - 5.9 - 6.0 - 5.9 for artistic merit


And here’s what Kevin and Graham had to say about our reviews…

Read the review. Excellent. Thanks for that. Val’s hard to please though.” Cliff Richard in the Eighties” F**k me... What’s that about?

Thanks for sending us the reviews of our songs. There seems to be a real mixed bag of opinions.

Read the reviews excellent very complimentary from Roy and Dave but Val's a tough nut to crack...thanks for everything so far, looks like the website will go Live on July4th


All of the four songs will be downloadable very soon at 80p a song, from a brand new website that has been set up by Kevin and Graham – www.gg06.co.uk We will let you know when the site is finally up and running. Fans will also be able to email any questions, comments and/or criticisms to the site.