The Fabulous New Album By WALE


Harry De Waij And Joos Van Leeuwen


We have been writing around 70 songs together over the last years, and have been working together around 15 years. Tuesday night only when we had the stress. We make music we like to make without any restrictions and make it because love music...never for a commercial Joos is well known and works in 1 of the best studios in Holland while I am just an amateur but one with many ideas. My music always comes from the heart with different feelings at different times.

I have always been playing guitar....

Harry – Sept 2015


Two Years in the Making This Labour Of Love Is About To Hit Our Shores with A Bang

All Music Written and Produced By Harry De Waij and Joos Van Leeuwen

Lyrics by Harry De Waij Except:

A Wonderful Day – Ashley Shannon / Harry De Waij

I Am In Love with You – Michel Van Dijk / Harry De Waij


Guest Musicians Include:


Mick Wilson (10cc)] - Tony Hallinan - Marcel Schimsheimer - Declan Muldoon - Erwin Van Ligten - Kim Haworth - Ton Nieuwenhuizen - Allard Buwalda - Serge Plume –

Eelco Oudolf - Caroline Dest - Kirsten Schneider – Jochem Fluitsma


As Harry Says In the CD Credits on This Album –

A Very Big Thank You to Joos for Giving Him the Ability to Create

And To Share Musical Adventures Together


And That Is What You Get In This Very Fine Album - Musical Adventure 


Joos Van Leeuwen

Piano – Synthesiser Sounds – Programming


Harry De Waij

Electric and Acoustic Guitars – Backing Vocals – Lead Vocals on “Taxman”

Acoustic Rhythm guitar on “I Am In Love With you”


Erwin van Ligten

Lead guitars on...”Silence”...”There's no other one like you”...and “I am in Love with you”.


Jochem Fluitsma

Electric Rhythm Guitar on “I Am In Love with You”

Mick Wilson

Lead Vocals on All Tracks besides “Taxman” – Backing Vocals


Tony Hallinan

Rhythm and Lead Guitars


Welcome To the Magical Musical World of Harry and Joos


1.  Not Like Another Day

Very Funky Start to the Opening Track Leading into Strong Lead Guitar’s followed by the Unmistaken Voice of a Certain Mr Mick Wilson, Very Catchy Chorus, and Easy on the Listeners Ears, Will Soon Have You Humming Along, and Strong Opening Track with Strong Electric Guitars by Tony Hannilan.

2.  Another Wonderful Day


Mick Wilson Takes Control Of This Lovely Rocky Ballad With His Voice Which Is Wonderfully Suited To This Track Accompanied by Wonderful Piano Playing By Joos - Warm Backing Vocals. Some Delicate Time Changes That Welcome Some Wonderful Lead Guitar Work


3.  On Your Way


Mick Wilson Takes Us Off In another Direction with This Heavy-ish Rock Track with Some Amazing Guitar Work from Tony – Certainly a Track That Makes You Sit Up and Listen


4.  Take Me Home


Mick And Caroline Deliver Wonderful Vocals On This Excellent Catchy Track With Some Amazing Orchestral And Guitars Courtesy Of Harry Flowing Constantly Through This Track Four And A Half Minutes Of Dreamy Laid Back Harmonising


5.  I Am In Love With You


Sassy Brass Introduction Which Flows Seamless Throughout This Track From The Amazingly Talented Joos With Mick Showing Us How Diverse His Voice Really Is, Catchy Chorus – Amazing Rhythm And Lead Guitar Work On This Song


6.  If I Knew


The Second Ballad on This Up To Excellent Album – The Listener Will Definitely Not Be Disappointed In This Album Whatsoever – Personally Speaking One Of The Best Tracks On the Album. Wonderful Piano from Joos and the Whole Track Is Fabulous


7.  Taxman


Now Back To the Heavy Rock Feel with Harry Taking on the Task of Lead Vocals Excellently With Backing Vocals by Mick Which All Comes Together Rather Well


8.  There Is No Other One Like You


With Mick Now Back on Lead Vocals and With the Country Feel Guitar Work Which Makes This Song Very Warm and Inviting


9.  Let’s Go To The Sun


We’re Off Now To The Caribbean With Mick With The Most Happiest Of Songs Which Will Make You Wish You Were There, Lay On A Sun Soaked Beach Sipping The Champagne Taking In All The Atmosphere – Wonderful Track – Too Short Though


10.            Silence


Very Moody and Melodic Start to This Track after the Previous Happy Song, This Track Brings the Mood Crashing Back Down To Earth, Beautifully Sung – With Wonderful Choral Backing Vocals- A Very Thought Provoking Song – Sad


11.            In The Wind


Very Hillbilly Rock and Roll Style to This Track – Way Too Short


“We Want More”


Thoroughly Enjoyable Album – You will never ever get bored listening to this album – Different Styles – Different Moods – Wonderful Vocals – Harmonies – Amazing Guitar Solos


A Must Get Album for Any Music Lover Out There


W.A.L.E. Stands for H de WAij and J van LEeuwen....or as I joked to Mick...We All Love - Harry


Dave Jarvis September 2015