Solo projects and collaborations which cannot be listed under "10cc" or "Godley & Creme".

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Andrew Gold : A brief Q&A session with Dave Jarvis
Eric Stewart : An interview with Roy & Dave
Eric Stewart : A phone-in on BBC Radio Northampton
Eric Stewart : A phone-in on BBC Radio Stoke
Graham Gouldman : an interview with David Jarvis
Eric Stewart - Technically speaking : with the emphasis on re-mastering 10cc albums
Eric Stewart interview : May 2000
Alan Parsons : a very short interview
Gouldman at Ronnie Scott's : interview 15 May 1999
Gouldman update : November 1999
Gouldman at Ronnie Scott's : interview May 2000
Gouldman interview : by Mark Wardle, November 2000
Gouldman update : November 2000
Gouldman update : February 2001
Gouldman update : June 2001
Gouldman update : November 2001
Andrew Gold interview : August 2000
In conversation with Rick Fenn : November 2000
Hi and Hello at the Hilton : meeting Rick in London, November 2000
A short chat with Rick Fenn : June 2001


GG06 : Alan Haber interviews Kevin Godley & Graham Gouldman for Purepop Radio on the internet.

I Write The Songs : Alan Thompson interviews Eric Stewart for BBC Radio Wales
The concert for Linda McCartney: : Directed by Kevin Godley
Graham Gouldman Masterclass (1) : Graham teaches young songwriters
Graham Gouldman Masterclass (2) : Laura Rickenbacker's story
Graham Gouldman and Rick Fenn : Appearance on The National Lottery Show
Later on in the round : with Graham Gouldman, Neil Finn and Roddy Frame


GG/06 : The review of Kevin Godley & Graham Gouldman’s joint efforts as GG/06, by Roy, Dave and Val.

Do Not Bend : The review of Eric Stewart's album by Roy & Dave
ITC '98 Panels : "In The City" celebrations with Gouldman
Tom Jones - If Only I Knew : Lalo and his dad Lol Creme guest on this album
Lol Creme - Phone Home : release of CD The Seduction Of Claude Debussy
The Seduction of Claude Debussy : review by David Jarvis
Fans to remix the Art of Noise : re-mix contest
Stronger : a new single from Gary Barlow, co-written by Gouldman
A Spanner In The Works : Rod Stewart CD featuring Lol Creme
The World Of Football : with Gouldman composition
The Vegetarians of Love : by Bob Geldof with Kevin as backing vocalist
And Another Thing : a review in the Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander


Concert dates : Gouldman concerts in 2002
I had a dream : Dani van Dooren sees Graham & Co. at Ronnie Scott's
Gouldman & Co. at Ronnie Scott's : a review of the concert on 14th May 1999
Gouldman feels the love at Ronnie Scott's : a review of the concert in May 2000
I touched Lol Creme : Tim Mooney's review of the AON concert in Chicago
Dani's Diary of 2000 : three concerts in one year (AON, Scott's and Affligem)

Alan Thompson : an article about his day interviewing Eric Stewart for the BBC Radio Wales show "I Write The Songs"
The Spectator : an article about Gouldman (The Quiet Craftsman)

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