Lol Creme Phone Home

By David Jarvis


From 10cc and Gizmos to Debussy via Drum 'n' Bass

This is the headline that greeted us in the May issue of "Mojo" with Lol Creme chatting to Chris Ingham about what actually happened in 1988 when Godley and Creme split up or just went their separate ways. The interview also goes on to his involvement with Trevor Horn and The Art of Noise and their new album


With a new single release in May 99 titled:


With a remix by Victor Calderone, Grooverider and Roni Size. "Metaforce" also features Rap Artist "Rakim".

"The Seduction of Claude Debussy" features Lol Creme, Paul Morley, Anne Dudley, Trevor Horn and John Hurt and will be released some time in June 99.

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